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Growing IQ Hawaii presents

a STEAM focused camp for 4 to 8 year olds that focuses on developing your child's critical thinking skills while participating in a fun-filled, engaging environment.


Give your students a head-start to the new school year in developing skills that will give them an edge in the classroom.

Keeps trying


I want to keep improving

Failure is a chance to grow

Talent is developed


Display Logic

Increase Critical

Thinking Skills

We are excited to offer our families a full-day camp experience this summer. Read more about the detail below.

Program Basics:

July 15 to August 9

You can sign up for a specific week(s) or all the weeks offered.


4 to 8 year olds

Incoming Junior Kindergarten to 2nd Graders


$500  per week

Overall cost will depend on how many weeks of camp you sign up for.


8 am to 3 pm

We will offer after-camp care up until 5 pm.


  • Campers will participate in math focused sessions from 8 am to 11 am.

    • Quantities

    • More and Less

    • Equal Parts

    • Spatial Reasoning

    • Sorting

    • Addition

    • Subtraction

    • Word Problems

    • Coordinates

    • Repeating Patterns

    • Growing Patterns

    • Currency

    • Picture Graphs

    • Bar Graphs

    • Line Graphs

    • Venn Diagrams

    • Classification

    • Fractions

    • Ratios

    • Probability

    In the morning session, students will learn things like:

  • Campers will break for lunch  from 11 am to 12 pm.

    Lunches will be brought from home.

    • Engineering

    • Experimentation

    • Creative Imagination

    • Spatial Reasoning

    • Logical Deduction

    • Reading Comprehension

    • Observation and Discovery

    In the STEAM session, students will learn things like:

    Each week from 12 - 3 pm will feature a different theme that STEAM activities will be centered around. Campers will participate in curiosity-developing activities that will target developing the types of skills that rarely get a chance to grow in traditional school settings.

    Incorporating goals for your child to develop collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills, the class will focus on the three C's (collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking) while conducting activities.

Join in the Summer Fun

Each week will have a different theme. Your student will show leaps and bounds of growth with this Mathtastic Camp from Growing IQ!

Spots are limited to 12.

Register before they are gone.

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