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4211 Waialae Avenue Suite 100A

Honolulu, HI 96816

A Kindergarten Admissions Program

We understand that our parents want to start their children's educational journey with the best foundation possible. This leads many Hawaii families to jump into the often intimidating and stressful world of private school applications.

Admissions procedures are not an exact science.  Each year our objective is to best prepare your child for the interview and admissions process for the top private schools in Hawaii. Schools are not always looking for the most academically gifted child, but for specific traits that they deem desirable when building their incoming Kindergarten class.

At Growing Little Minds, we are here to help you develop a plan to showcase your child's talents and potential to open the pathway into the rigorous educational path you are looking to provide for your child. 

"At Growing Little Minds, we aim to help your child stand out during the admissions process while also equipping them with all the essential academic skills to secure a preferred future through a successful, lifelong journey of learning."

At GLM, we want to see your child:

Keeps trying


I want to keep improving

Failure is a chance to grow

Talent is developed


Display Logic

Increase Critical

Thinking Skills

and most importantly show their ability to persevere and work through problems.


Growing Little Minds starts with a baseline assessment of your child by a team member. We use the first class or two to highlight areas of strength and areas that need to be targeted.

We are unlike other programs that offer a one-size fits all approach to education. Analyzing the data points collected in our assessments will allow us to develop a path that is unique for your child and have them ready for the interview process.

What you can expect from Growing Little Minds?

Spaces are limited.
Contact us to reserve your spot today.

can help your child stand out

during the admissions process


The GLM program emphasizes both language and mathematical skills. Both language arts and mathematics are the two most widely tested content areas and are closely connected to communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking -- making this combination of focal areas a powerful set of tools to have at your student’s disposal during the admission process. 

Class Size

6 student maximum




8-week intervals with conference to discuss progress


Case-by-case basis for students needing extra practice

What are the BASICS of the program?

Our Offerings

An  introductory level that gets your child ready for the rigors of the admission process. The level is designed for children about 9-12 months away from entering the admission process. The level concentrates on the same 5 pillars of the GLM program. Students transition into the next level over the summer.

Once a week

1 hour classes

Our main level catering to students entering the admissions process and testing in Fall of 2024. Classes are tailor made to build confidence and self expression to shine during private school interviews. Our advanced approach and interpretation of learning styles will suit the needs of each student.

Once a week

2 hour classes

Sessions are FULL
What are the BASICS of the program?
  • CLASS SIZE: 6 student maximum

  • FREQUENCY: Weekly

  • ASSESSMENTS: 8-week intervals with conference to discuss progress

  • HOMEWORK: Case by case basis for students needing extra practice

Through our research we found that private schools are looking for balanced students.

Academic readiness is only one of the key factors that schools are looking for. To stand apart from the crowd, your child will also need well-developed collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

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