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Meet the Author

Eileen Lai Horng is a former elementary school teacher and holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California Los Angeles. She used to be interested in the process of learning, particularly for young children, until she had children of her own. Then she became extremely interested - borderline obsessed - with understanding the learning process. Because of her background, she is often the “go to” resource for family and friends wanting advice regarding educational choices for their children. This blog provides an opportunity for her to share some of her experience and musings with others.

Growing IQ does not focus on math concepts per se; learning math concepts is a positive by-product but not the purpose of instruction. Rather the focus is on how to reason, problem solve through experimentation, and apply past learning to new situations.

Eileen Horng

Ph.D. in Education, UCLA
Former Associate Director for the Institute for Research on Education Policy and Practice at Stanford University

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