Growing IQ California Presents

Summer Camps for 2020

Beginner Data Detectives

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Can you manipulate data and solve the mathematical mystery? Join us in unearthing the secret hidden in the data! Although you may not see numbers flying around you, with a little bit of investigation, you'd find that you are surrounded by data all the time. Learn how to collect your own data, sort it, classify it, and interpret it in this week long camp open to incoming Kindergarteners through Second graders.

What kinds of things will my child learn?

  • Students will be given chaotic information and will sort through it based on color, size, or shape.

  • Students will put data into categories based on various attributes and begin to answer questions such as, "How many more triangles are there than circles?"

  • Students will participate in activities focusing on data with the theme of solving a mystery.

Arithmetic Architects

3rd-5th Grade

Do you understand why multiplication works? What about fraction division? Join us this summer to discover the WHY of arithmetic operations and build a solid foundation of mathematical understanding through project-based learning. This class combines mathematical learning with building design to bring fun back into mathematical concepts. Open to incoming Third through Fifth graders, our students will use hands-on tools and collaboration to uncover the mysteries of arithmetic.

What kinds of things will my child learn?

  • Students will dive deeper into why multiplication and division work (repeated addition and subtraction).

  • Students will practice working with fractions using ratios and comparing the areas and perimeters of different shapes.

  • Students will cover this content and more while building a structure that they will take home with them after the camp concludes.

Master Data Detectives

3rd-5th Grade

Just like all good mysteries, the answers are always hidden in the details.  Join us in diving deep into data to spot the clues and unlock the secrets within data science. Learn how to turn data into visual representations to convince your fellow detectives why they should follow your lead.  This week long camp is open to incoming Third through Fifth graders.

What kinds of things will my child learn?

  • Students will sort and classify data.

  • Students will learn how to put the data into visual representations such as bar graphs, line graphs, pie graphs, and more.

  • Students will participate in activities requiring them to used data to solve mysteries. 

Geometrical Mini-Golf

3rd-5th Grade

Growing IQ brings you a project-based class for students from 3rd to 5th grade. Project-based learning (PBL) is in inquiry-based teaching platform that allows students to apply their natural tendencies to the learning process. In this week-long camp, students will explore the mathematical study of designing a miniature golf hole, and learn about incidence angles and their reflections, similar triangles, the Pythagorean theorem, and more!

What kinds of things will my child learn?

  • Students will work with angles and reflect them to predict where the golf ball will go when bouncing off a wall.

  • Students will work with the Pythagorean theorem, perimeter, and area.

  • Students will work through this content and more while building a miniature golf course that other kids will come to play on.

Number Ninjas

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Are numbers your greatest enemy? Does math have you hiding in the shadows? Let us help you to defeat the math monsters using hands-on tolls and teamwork to master your way through addition, subtraction, place-value, patterns, and more! This week long camp is for incoming Kindergarten through Second graders and will feature many fun activities to teach your ninja how to slice through numbers.

What kinds of things will my child learn?

  • Students will work on diving deeper into addition, subtraction, and start building the foundation for repeated addition and subtraction.

  • Students will focus on place-value and rounding.

  • Students will participate in many activities focused on this content and more in the theme of being a ninja.

Reading Rangers

Kindergarten-1st Grade

Join us this summer for a week long camp where students learn how to unlock the magical world of words.  As a Reading Ranger your child will strengthen their phonemic awareness skills, expand their vocabulary, building their reading comprehension, and develop early writing skills.

Using music and dance, this class will create an academically challenging, creative, and fun learning environment. By  learning to read, your child will build a strong foundation for a life-long journey of reading to learn!

What kinds of things will my child learn?

  • Students will learn to hear individual sounds, syllables, onsets and rimes, word parts, and whole word units.

  • Students will work with different texts to develop skills in predicting, questioning, and retelling of stories.

  • Students will develop their writing skills through modeled, shared , guided, and independent writing experiences.