Embedded Learning

New ideas and approaches

Level 4

At this age, children are beginning to develop a number of more sophisticated cognitive skills. Their thinking and problem-solving aptitudes are really starting to flourish; looking for reasons why things work, asking questions for more information, planning ahead, and understanding cause and effect.

Logic Based Applications

Children at this age have only recently cognitively shifted from a life dominated by imagination, to one that is governed by logic and reasoning.

Level 4 engages students in opportunities to develop their: analytical thinking skills; autono-mous systems of evaluation; flexibility in thought; and strategic approach to problem-solving.

Geometric Reasoning Skills

Children at this age begin to experience an intellectual shift in understanding the place of geometry in mathematics.  

Level 4 engages students in geometric reasoning that utilizes critical thinking skills; spatial reasoning to solve problems and find new relationships; and focuses on learning the properties and relationships of shapes.

Justifying Reasoning

As children enter higher grade levels, the importance of communicating and justifying their thinking processes becomes as critical as the application of mathematical knowledge.

The collaborative nature of Level 4 enables students to engage in opportunities that require them to reason with one another, working in innovate ways to approach and solve problems.

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