Associating symbols to concrete understandings


Making meaningful connections

Level 3

Children in Level 3 are typically just starting their formal mathematical education, expanding outward from their families to understand themselves in relation to their peers.  With a regular influx of new information, children are continually growing in curiosity and begin asking questions that test what they know while forging new understandings.

Building Problem-Solving Skills

Children at this age like to figure things out for themselves, enjoying the process of engaging in puzzles and asking a lot of questions.  


Level 3 students engage in progressively more challenging material, where they must problem-solve in order to reach new conclusions and develop richer understandings of the mathematical material they are exploring.

Developing Arithmetic Reasoning

Children at this age are learning arithmetic in isolation, mastering the basic skills necessary to move into more demanding mathematical content.

Level 3 engages students in multiple manipulations of numbers in calculations, helping students to build relationships between operations and identify analogous associations that will set the foundation for success in algebraic reasoning skills.

Using Abstract Representations

Children at this age are extremely visual and tactile; wanting to see and touch everything in order to understand and learn.


Level 3 students continue to be exposed to concepts through concrete experiences; but will dive into more abstract learning, expanding comprehension and  blending conceptual and procedural understandings in a structured way.

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