Working together




Building dimensionality

Level 2

At this age, children are eager to learn new things and show interest in almost everything they experience. These young learners are restless, energetic, uninhibited, and excited to share.

Learning through Discovery

Children at this age are developing simple problem-solving abilities and are naturally interested in the idea of cause and effect.

Level 2 students engage in activities that make the most of a child's genuine interest in learning and discovery.  Our students will explore, observe, analyze, and articulate their discoveries in their own words.

Collaboration is Key

Children at this age are becoming more social, participating in collaborative and imaginative play with other children.

Level 2 provides opportunities for students to engage in mathematical situations with their peers; allowing students to learn in tandem while increasing retention, building self-esteem, and promoting a positive attitude towards learning.

Spatial Awareness Expansion

Children at this age are beginning to expand their spatial awareness, recognizing and defining the position of objects in space (i.e., under, behind, etc.).

Level 2 students engage in activities that require them to visualize the relationships between shapes and planar space building spatial capacity and ability (composed of numerous interrelated sub skills).

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