Play-based instruction


Hands-on Learning

Level 1

At this age, children are intensely curious about the world around them, always asking questions about what they see and experience. Perhaps you recognize this is your own child?

Building a strong foundation

A child's relationship with math is developed in the early years and lasts a life time.  


Level 1 introduces students to a broad range of mathematical concepts in order to build confidence and understanding at a fundamental level. Without a strong foundation, students can experience increased confusion and anxiety in later years.  

Learning through exploration

Children at this age are naturally inclined to solve problems.  

Level 1 provides opportunities to explore math in a way that captures a young learners curiosity.  Students are able to make discoveries about mathematical concepts that lead to larger discoveries as their journey with math continues in a hands-on, engaging way.

Developing reasoning skills

Children at this age are literal, their thinking is ruled by perception.

Level 1 targets the development of critical thinking skills, encouraging students to think creatively.  By engaging in situations where their perceptions about mathematics can be misleading, the students develop abstract thinking and advance their processing skills.

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