Once a week

2 hours

10 Students

Maximum capacity

2 teachers

5:1 student-teacher ratio

growing iq LEVELS

Our classes are centered on student engagement in mathematical inquiry, extending beyond procedural understand-ing.  Growing IQ teachers encourage their students to collaborate, create, and come to their own conclusions by providing stimulating, sensory-rich activities.

New students are assessed to determine level placement and assigned classes according to their current level of mathematical proficiency, not by age or grade.  Our goal at Growing IQ, is to ensure that each child is placed in a learning environment that will simultaneously nurture and challenge them. The grade references below reflect the typical, national range of our students.

Designed to enable students to fully grasp the fundamental skills necessary for success in higher learning.

Preschool to Pre-K


Junior-K to Kindergarten

Designed to introduce abstract concepts that will become more prevalent in higher mathematics.


1st to 2nd Grade

Designed to utilize previously learned skills to analyze and navigate multi-step problems in innovative ways.


2nd to 4th Grade

Designed to provide students with important opportunities to communicate and justify their thinking processes.


Designed to enable students to build bridges of comprehension between various mathematical domains.

3rd to 5th Grade


4th to 6th Grade

Designed to enable students to tackle large projects which require a multitude of mathematical skills to complete.