About Us

Growing IQ opened in 2011 by two dads who questioned the methodology of teaching math to their own children and began a journey to find a better way for their kids to learn.  Eventually finding a methodology in India, the concept grew into a school that has been evolving over the last eight years.  Growing IQ, is a math program that allows a child to grow through discovery and explore those discoveries to become thinkers.

our mission is simple

At Growing IQ, we engage children in collaborative, sensory-rich experiences; empowering them to analyze, reason, discover, think critically, and take ownership of their mathematical learning.  We strive to create a generation of problem-solvers who can contribute to and thrive in an evolving global community.


Two dads, facing budget cuts at school, begin to research programs for their children




Creation of MathMusicMotion, a toddler program that incorporates math, music, and motion

Creation of India Education Methods (IEM) in Silicon Valley, CA

New Growing IQ location opened in Frisco, TX

Discover a program and travel to India to meet the developers


Creation of India Education Methods (IEM) in Honolulu, HI


Roll out of upgraded new curriculum, to further deepen exposure to math concepts.


Expansion of curriculum into levels 4, 5, and 6

IEM becomes Growing IQ, to reflect the expansion of the program